About FMH (Fabron, Mishel & Herriot) ALLIANCE Lawyers

FMH ALLIANCE Lawyers is a law firm with offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, founded in 2008, representing clients from the construction and banking industry as well as national savings and loan associations.

Our continuing professional development has helped us broaden our services and now we also represent national and international companies and provide them with legal advice; such companies belong to different sector like telecommunications, gas and energy, finance, insurance, services, the pharmaceutical industry, technology, distribution, tourism, freight, aeronautics, among others. 

Furthermore, we have gained considerable experience in the area of legal advice in various states, working with public and private institutions. 

We pride ourselves on having become one of the most important practices with the greatest amount of experience in arbitration cases and lawsuits, at both the local and international levels.

fmh alliance


We are a European practice that is committed to offering well-rounded, timely legal advice services and that is recognized for its efficiency, quality and strong work ethic. Our priority is giving legal certainty to our clients’ projects and business activities.


Thanks to our highly professional, ethical, and efficient services, we have become one of the top-rated law firms in all the European Union.

Specialized lawyers

Our lawyers hold academic degrees of specialization in different areas of legal practice.

11 years of professional experience

We have provided our clients with legal advice in Switzerland and the United Kingdom over 11 years, which allows us to offer top-quality services.

24/7 legal advice

Call us or send us an e-mail at any time to get our legal advice services.

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