Civil Law

Civil Law

Civil law is the branch of law dealing with principles and rules governing both personal and patrimonial relationships among individuals or corporations and covers the rights of an individual as a natural person, his nationality, his personal rights, his domicile, his civil status, his legal capacity, and his legal relationships with other parties.   

Family law regulates the legal personal and patrimonial relationships and consequences arising from kinship or marital relationships, filiation, and guardianship of minors or the incapacitated. 

Within the category of proprietary law, we can find real rights, credit rights, and successions. Probate law deals with the transfer of assets and rights of a deceased to third parties.

Civil law, on the other hand, revolves around legal liabilities and contracts, that is to say, the legal acts and business activities among individuals or corporations and the consequences arising therefrom. 

Our team of lawyers has more than ten years of experience in civil lawsuits with extraordinary outcomes, which encourages more clients to entrust their cases to us.

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