Financial crimes

Financial Crimes

Financial crime represents a permanent risk for individuals or corporations, and the rules and procedures to file a lawsuit are different from those of traditional lawsuits. Thus, counting on the legal advice from professionals specialized in the area is crucial. FMH ALLIANCE Lawyers is a group of experts with broad experience and all the necessary resources to be in charge of complex cases related to investments and securities to which it directs all its efforts to get the better results. 

Financial crimes go from theft or fraud committed by malicious individuals to large transactions planned by organized crime groups all around the world. These are serious crimes that should not be diminished, because, besides their social and economic impact, they are in general closely related to organized crime or even terrorism. 

Financial crimes affect everyone. In the last years, this type of crime reached a peak due to the fast pace of technological progress in the digital world. 

Organized crime groups operate at the international level to avoid being detected, and the stolen funds cross physical and virtual borders before reaching the final destination, which can be, for example, tax heavens. 

The most common types of fraud and financial wrongdoings are the following: 

Over-concentration: diversification is essential for a successful investment portfolio. When the investment advisor stops diversifying his investments correctly exposing the investment funds to only a few stocks or one particular economic sector, the investor could recover the losses filing a securities fraud lawsuit.

Unauthorized transactions: generally, the investment advisor must be authorized by the investor before selling or buying securities; to the contrary, he could be committing a crime. 

Mutual fund, bond, or annuity switching: similar to churning, this type of fraud is committed by a financial advisor when he recommends his client to sell a specific group of mutual funds, bonds, or annuities and to buy later an almost identical instrument, with the sole purpose of receiving commissions. 

Victims of the Ponzi scheme (or "the pyramid"): this is the most common type of fraud at the moment, which consists in paying profits to investors with their own capital or that from other investors.

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